December 22, 2010

Project 365 - Day Twenty

So day twenty was a road trip day!! It was kind of fantastic. I picked up my sister-in-law (lets call her Mrs H) and headed up to the Sunshine Coast. Okay so it's not the longest road trip in the world -- it's only really two hours from my house. But it was great to get away from my normal surroundings and spend some quality time with Mrs H.

Now I'm not the biggest fan of Queensland in summer -- it is simply too hot for my tastes. But one of the great things about Queensland is it's multitude of wonderful beaches. So day twenty's picture is my attempt to capture the essence of a Queensland summer. To me it's a complete celebration of all things summer.

Image taken 14 December 2010

The only complaint I have against this photo is I wish it had have been a cloudless sky because that would have made the water splash stand out even more. But that's the thing with nature photography you have to work with what you've got. I had such a great time checking out the sunny coast, chatting to my wonderful sister-in-law, and taking a multitude of photos. It was just a fantastic and relaxing day. I took so many photos I thought I'd share a couple more.

Aren't photos of water movement fantastic? One of the things I love about photography it that you can capture one single moment of absolute beauty and if you're really lucky it turns out just right. I'm really happy with how day twenty's photos turned out. They simply scream out 'summer' to me...

Until next time... I hope you're having a wonderful time no matter what the weather.

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