December 9, 2010

Project 365 - Day Twelve

About that rain hanging around Brisbane? Well it was still there when I went out to take my photograph for day twelve. But I was determine to go outside to get the shot. I went for a wandering in a local park and found this fantastic bridge in the middle of a shrubby area.

I adore the idea of boots that have been worn into the ground. A friend of mine had exactly those sort of boots - with scuffs, and wear and tear. In fact he worn them so much that they eventually broke so I inherited them. They are completely fantastic!! I just love taking photos of them. They're sure to feature in project 365 in the future. Don't you just love them?

Image taken 06 December 2010

I have started trying to limit how many images I take each day. This is an attempt to pre-visualize the shot before I take it rather that randomly taking a million shots and keeping just a few. It's all on the journey of trying to be a better photographer. We'll see how it goes.

Have a fantastic Wednesday!

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  1. beautiful!... it's like the boots have many stories to tell if only they could talk!... I hear what you say about thinking about and limiting the number of photos... I've been doing the same thing - trying to take the time to consider composition more! xx