December 3, 2010

Project 365 - Day Eight

Want to know something about me? I love owls. I think they're kind of beautiful. Now my love isn't passing or limited to one sort of owl. I like all species. I like drawing, tattoos and any pictures of owls. I have a special spot for owl themed jewelry.

Such is my love for all things hooty that I thought one of my 365 had to be a picture of my favorite owl jewelry. In the picture you can't see that it's an owl but trust me it's an owl and he's (I've decided it's a he on a whim) gorgeous!

Image taken 2nd December 2010

This picture is fairly average. But I'd spent the day in my house cooking up dinner for my family and I completely forgot to take a photo until I was almost settling down to sleep. So I basically took a photo of the first thing that I could reach. I'll have to start planning out my photos better or else they'll start to get boring really quick.

Any suggestions of what I should try to capture next?

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