January 23, 2012

Oh Poor Little Blog...

Oh my poor, neglected little blog. I didn't plan to be away for so long. There just wasn't that much to talk about... There wasn't even that many photos to share. I've just been taking it easy for a few weeks because life is about to become a lot busier. But I did go on a little photographic adventure a couple of weeks ago. A friend and I went to see a local shipwreck. It made for some pretty photos!

Okay so I could use some fantastic blogger knowledge... I'm trying to make all my photos the same width no matter if it's in portrait or landscape. But nothing I'm doing seems to be working. I tried resizing them in photoshop but when I uploaded the resized images to Blogger the photos are not all the same width... And when I resized a portrait image to the correct width it gets pixelated. Help!! What am I doing wrong? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

On a different note it is so much fun editing photos in Lightroom! It's interesting to see the different kind of looks you can get from similar images.

I hope your 2012 is off to an amazing start!