June 21, 2012

A Photoshoot With Friends

I've been wanting to share these photos with you ever since I took them. But I wanted wait for something...

WELCOME TO THE WORLD Little Miss Eva Leone Vivian Hutson!!!! I cannot wait to meet you and take your picture! 

My very dear friend Mrs T very recently (like yesterday morning!) gave birth to a lovely little girl. So I thought now would be the perfect time to share some of the pregnancy photos I captured recently. Mrs T - you are amazing!!! I love you a million times a billion times all the starts in the sky.

Just a little over a week ago my dear friends allowed me the absolute privilege of coming into their home to take a few photographs. And it was amazing! It was beautiful to spend some quality time with two much-loved, wonderful people and it was great to be behind the lens again.

This little photoshoot took place 4 days after I had my plaster cast removed. So I was quite literally still finding my feet. But it felt so good, so right, so natural to be back behind the lens doing what I love. Thank you guys again so very much for giving me the opportunity.

Quite honestly I'm still going through and editing the photos but I just couldn't wait any longer to share some of my favourites from the day. 

These people are phenomenal and are going to be amazing parents. I simply cannot wait to witness their family grow even more in strength, character and love. It's going to be a wonderful thing to watch. 

There's a vintage-y, classic vibe about their home. It's so beautiful and has such a peace about it. I simply adore all the little touches. There are these two amazing chairs in their home that I had to photograph. For some reason this photo just seemed right to me. Maybe it's because the little chair is a gift for the baby... For whatever the reason I liked the visual of the chairs together in a photo.

So there it is... My first photoshoot post-break (or AB - after break - as one of my friends suggested). Every time I get the honour of doing something like this it serves to further cement the belief that this is what I want to do with my life. I can't wait to get out there and capture some more beautiful moments. 

Rest assured that there will be more photographs to share. But in the meantime thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week.


June 15, 2012

Pre-Break Photos

 So before I broke my ankle I was busily taking photos basically every day. Some for school and some just for me to re-connect with why I love photography so much in the first place. I thought it might be nice to share a few of my favourites from my little journeys. I've got to be honest though some of them I barely remember for they were so long ago... Anyway on with the pictures!


I've got to be honest there are others... Better ones in my opinion. So why not share? Well, I'm in the process of collating, building, and launching my photography business website and I kind of want to save a few of the best photos for it. Which, when I'm logical doesn't make that much sense but that's how I feel at the moment. If I take to long to get the website done though I'm sure that will change and the blog will be bombarded. 

By the way dear Blogger, if you could make it easier to sit photos side by side instead of having a huge gap between them I'd be ever so grateful.  

Oh my feet... Pre break! Had I have know what manner of trouble you were about the cause me I probably wouldn't have been so inclined to take your picture. There are times when... Anyway...

 I have discovered I had an addiction to anything old, rusty, retro or vintage. May I just say that it make eBay a very dangerous place to be. But that's besides the point. I hope you enjoyed this little look at some of the things I was getting up to before I took a very unintentional break. I can't wait to share some of my more recent photos some time soon.

Thank you so much for stopping by my little corner of the internet. Here's hoping I manage to update it sooner next time hey??!


Well That Was Unexpected

So a month and a half between posts isn't all that flash is it? I've had things to say but actually saying them seemed like a huge jump.

If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram (taflineh) or Facebook you would be well aware that roughly 7 weeks ago I broke my ankle and have been unable to walk at all until just recently. So you could say I've had nothing but time to write blog post. But whenever I started to write it all seemed forced or fake or going in directions that I didn't want them to. 

I'm one of those people who if I'm not careful I get attacks of what I like to call 'stinking thinking'. Let me tell you when you have nothing but time on your hands 'stinking thinking' is nigh impossible to avoid. And really who wants to read (or write for that matter) a blog were a person is just moaning? So it seemed like a far more preferable option to keep silent. 

But now it's time to pick myself up off the mat and get going again...