June 23, 2010

Well Now...

I really don't like it when people infer that I'm inadequate...

I may not do it your way. I may not even do it the RIGHT way. But I do it my way and it works for me...

I appreciate that you may be trying to help but I've managed to live my own life successfully for quite a while now and I am very happy with how it's going.

So please let me go on my merry way and use my own voice.

Thank you and goodnight...

June 14, 2010

Because Sometimes a Girl's Gotta Turn To Poetry...

Where Are You?

by Tafline

Do you look for me?

As I look for you?

Do you search people’s faces?

Looking for that ever-elusive spark?

Tell me!

Where are you?

Do you look for me?

As I look for you?

‘Cause I do…

I look for you…

I look for you

In the spaces in between

I look for you

Amongst the forest and the trees

I look for you

In the noises in my head

I look for you

In all the wrong places

Will you find me?

In my own little world

Will you want me?

Even if I’m a little strange

Will you understand?

The road I have traveled

Will you see me?

For what I am & what I could be

Find me!

Here waiting…

For the ever-elusive…