December 28, 2011

Bag Review - 2 Sues by Kelly Moore

I hope everyone had a very happy Christmas!! Is it just me or has this year passed in a blink? Anyway... I thought I'd share one of my beautiful Christmas gifts with you. I love giving and receiving gifts, don't you? They tell me I'm loved and appreciated. I love giving gifts that I've put thought and effort into - a true expression of how I feel about the recipient of the gift. Well my amazing mum gave me a wonderful gift this Christmas.

Yes that's right I finally have a Kelly Moore bag of my very own!! Happy day!! After roughly a year of lusting after a Kelly Moore (seriously I visited her website more times than I can count!) mum said she'd buy me one for Christmas. I didn't need to be told twice so I quickly jumped online and placed my order for the 2 Sues bag.

This bag is absolutely fantastic!! Not only is it extremely beautiful and fashionable but it's so functional and very well made. The inside of the bag is well padded and a lovely purple colour. No scrounging for black bits in a black bag. Unfortunately my photos just don't do the bag justice. I was working with artificial light with a bit of flash thrown in for good measure. But you can still get the idea.

Let's talk storage and gear. This bag has heaps of pockets and places to stash a myriad of items. First up camera gear. The section for your camera stuff is extremely well padded. I'm not worried that my camera or lenses are going to get damaged in the hustle and bustle of life. Of course I wouldn't throw if down the stairs or anything but I wouldn't throw my gear down the stairs no matter what it was stored in. In terms of camera gear I can easily fit:
- my d7000 with lens attached
- one to two lenses (depending on size)
- a flash
There's also a removable divider that creates a place where you can put your ipad or android equivalent. A soon-to-be-purchased item I can assure you.

Other stuff I carry around on a daily basis:
- Kindle (I must have something to read with me at all times) ~ in a perfect Kindle-sized pocket!
- phone
- spare batteries for my flash and camera
- quick release plate for my tripod
- camera remote control
- medication
- scripts (for medication)
- lipgloss
- lens pen and cleaning cloth
- keys
- wallet (incorporated in the bag)
Even after all of that I have pockets to spare! So I occasionally take my pocket wizards and/or a mp3 player with me.

One of my favorite features of the bag is the Posey Pocket which incorporates a card holder and wallet into the bag. No more ragged, ripped wallet for me! The great part is that you can have the posey pocket laying against your body so it's safe from any thieving fingers. Incorporated in the posey pocket is a area where you can put your SD cards (or CF cards for that matter) and switch them out at a moments notice.

I've had this bag for a few weeks now (it arrived a couple of weeks before Christmas) and I have to say it has met and exceeded all my expectations. It carries the perfect amount of gear for me and can be totally customizable with the removable padded dividers. I even had it with me on two extremely rainy days where I got absolutely soaked but my gear inside stayed nice and dry. If that isn't the mark of a fantastic bag I don't know what is!

The best part is that it just looks like a normal handbag... Until you read a review like this and then the jig is up I guess... Here's a photo of me with the 2 Sues bag (taken by my mum)

Now if I could just get my hands on the Libby...



  1. love love love ... you & the bag!

  2. i'm thinking of getting exactly the same bag and colour! since using it for 6 months would u still recommend it as a camera bag? I read from another review that dark clothes can rub the colour onto the bag and vice versa on light clothes , have you found this any issue?

    1. Hi Janice! I have never had any trouble with the colour rubbing onto any clothing. I would still very much recommend this bag! I give it a fair bit of abuse - it's my every day bag so it comes everywhere with me. And depending on my photoshoots I sometimes have it absolutely jam-packed full of stuff. The straps and everything are still holding up really well. Given the amount of torture I put this beautiful bag through it's holding up remarkably well - very little (if any) wear and tear. It's a great sized bag that can hold all the essentials. I hope that helps! If you end up getting the bag I'll be interested in hearing your experiences. Thanks for stopping by.