December 28, 2011

A Sojourn in Sydney

A couple of weeks back I hopped on a plane for an overnight in Sydney (as you do). My mum, stepdad and I were there to attend my mum's Masters graduation! I got to go along and play photographer. So I thought I'd share a few photos from the trip.

This is the view from my hotel room:

I took the bulk of my photos (save for the graduation of course) at the Chinese gardens located in Darling Harbour. It seemed slightly odd to have lush gardens with a strange sense of tranquility about them surrounded by high-rise buildings with the city centre a mere stones throw away. But for some reason it works well.

We had arrived in Sydney quite early and after spending a few hours exploring the Chinese gardens and Darling Harbour we headed to the hotel for a much needed nap (well, I at least needed it!). Only problem? Our rooms weren't quite ready yet. So we relaxed in the lobby for a bit. In the lobby there were these cool shiny lampshades that I couldn't resist photographing while we were waiting. I really like the result.

After a much needed nights sleep we were off to attend mum's graduation. She had worked so hard to complete her Masters! It was really special to see her get the recognition she so richly deserved. It was so wonderful to see her all decked out in her academic dress. We got there a little early so we would have enough time to take a few photos... Well okay more than a few. So a very special thank-you to my mum for letting me come along and for sharing your special day with me!!! You're amazing!!

All in all it was a lovely little sojourn in Sydney!


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