December 6, 2011


Hi and happy December lovely readers. Just wanted to say I haven't forgotten about you or my little slice of the Internet. I hope you haven't forgotten me either.

The truth is I've been feeling a little... well... blank. Not unhappy, depressed or even uninspired. Just a little blank. I recently commented to a friend that I couldn't remember what I did with myself before photography. During project 365 there were always photos to edit, posts to write, ideas to chase down.

Now I have a little free time on my hands. I haven't been idle by any means. There was/is assistant work to do, photography adventures to take with friends and family, endless amounts of research (photography related of course) and projects to consider. I guess I never thought I would find it strange not to take a picture every day. Go figure hey?

But I have an idea for my next project. It's not fully formed yet and I still need to figure out exactly how to make it work. Never fear once it's ready I'll be sure to tell you all about it. It's still in its infancy but I think it could turn into something spectacular. We'll just have to wait and see.

I suppose I always feel slightly blank around this time of year and I guess this year is no exception. I don't consider it to be a bad thing to be blank sometimes - that's often when I get my best ideas. It just feels a little strange to go from an active year to contemplating what might be next. I plan to enjoy this stage though because if everything goes according to plan for next year I will find myself very grateful for this time of rest.

It seems odd to post without a picture... My how this blog has changed! At the start I simply wrote with barley any visual enticement only to swing almost to the complete opposite. It's a testament to my passions I suppose. When I picture my future or even indulge in the odd fanciful daydream photography is now front and center. It's so refreshing and fulfilling and exciting to have found something that I can do (and grow in skill) and am completely passionate about. What's better way to spend your days than doing something you love?

Well this has been a bit of a rambler. If you made it this far thanks for hanging in there! So until my next project is ready to be launched I have some recent photos that I'd love to share. So stay tuned for more.

And in the meantime I hope you have having a wonderful holiday season!

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