June 15, 2012

Well That Was Unexpected

So a month and a half between posts isn't all that flash is it? I've had things to say but actually saying them seemed like a huge jump.

If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram (taflineh) or Facebook you would be well aware that roughly 7 weeks ago I broke my ankle and have been unable to walk at all until just recently. So you could say I've had nothing but time to write blog post. But whenever I started to write it all seemed forced or fake or going in directions that I didn't want them to. 

I'm one of those people who if I'm not careful I get attacks of what I like to call 'stinking thinking'. Let me tell you when you have nothing but time on your hands 'stinking thinking' is nigh impossible to avoid. And really who wants to read (or write for that matter) a blog were a person is just moaning? So it seemed like a far more preferable option to keep silent. 

But now it's time to pick myself up off the mat and get going again...


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