December 24, 2010

Project 365 - Day Twenty-Seven

Day twenty-seven is another view from my airplane seat. I love flying!!! I do so wish I could hop a flight whenever I so wished. World travel has become so much easier with the advent of the airplane. If I had the metal know-how I would have loved to be a pilot but instead I am a simply passenger.

Image taken 21 December 2010

The picture is of Sydney's shoreline. Isn't the ocean so very blue? I think that there should be a couple of windows on the plane that are kept incredibly clean specifically for photographers. Impractical maybe but it would make for some fantastic photos.

Taking photos through glass always produces interesting results I find. Plus some planes (like the one I was on) have that double plane thing so it's almost impossible to get crystal clear clarity.

More updates soon (got to get on top of the backlog of posts!)

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