December 10, 2010

Music That Moves Me

Another week is drawing to a close so it must be time for 'Music that Moves Me'. Please welcome Electric President to the weekly music post! These guys are a bit different from my usual musical tastes but there is simply something about them. Their use of melody and interesting lyrics never fails to disappoint. In fact in place of my waxing lyrical about their pure amazing-ness I'll just leave you to have a listen three of their songs.

Take a look at 'Monsters' and see what you think:

Here's another one of their songs called 'The Violent Blue':

This is my favorite song by Electric President entitled 'Insomnia':

Can I just say that I love the name 'Electric President'? I am completely drawn to interesting band names. The more unique the better in my opinion (although I may be slightly bias given my unusual name). Be sure to swing by their myspace if you like what you hear.

So that's my music pick of the week. What do you think of them?

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