December 3, 2010

Music That Moves Me

There's some music that I love no matter what mood I'm in. I thought I'd share one of my go-to music favorites. The always amazing Ben Harper!!

I would love, love, love to see him live. He sometimes plays at the Byron Bay Blues Fest and one day I intend to get tickets.

Here's my all-time favorite Ben Harper song 'Forever':

Isn't his voice something magical? I can close my eyes and drift on the perfect melody. Don't even get me started on his amazing lyrics... It's pure poetry set to amazing music. I like everything about Ben Harper. He must appeal to my inner hippy. This is his song called 'Walk Away':

Ahhh... Ben Harper. You can sing me to sleep whenever you like. Be sure to check out his myspace page as well.

Are you a Ben Harper fan?

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