December 22, 2010

Project 365 - Day Twenty-Two

I actually spent more of this day packing and getting myself organized to go away (I'll tell you where I went in my next project 365 post) so I found myself a little short on interesting subject matter. I figured you didn't want to see inside my suitcase!

So for day twenty-two I took a photo of some beautiful flowers that were given to my mum. I find petals kind of amazing! They look so soft and delicate. One day I'd like to fill a bath tub up to the brim with fresh petals and just wade in amongst them. But then I'd end up smelling like potpourri for weeks and it would exacerbate my allergies... On second thought I think a photo is a much safer option.

Image taken 16 December 2010

I was wondering... What's your favorite photo so far in project 365?

Thanks for reading my little blog. May your day be wonderful!

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