December 5, 2010

Project 365 - Day Eleven

Like almost every girl on the planet I quite like flowers. My all time favorite flower would have to be the day lily. They're so delicate and have the most beautiful smell. If I could afford it I would buy myself a bunch every day and scatter them around my house.

But that's somewhat impractical so instead I thought I'd take a photo of one. I always find it awfully sad when they die. Happily a photo will last longer. I just love it that something as simple as a flower has the ability to bring so much joy.

Image taken 05 December 2010

Today's blind item is super easy to figure out... In fact it's barely a blind item. I just really like this picture for some reason so I thought I'd add it in. So bright, so white, so much detail. What do you think?

Have yourself a fantastic Sunday!

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