December 4, 2010

Project 365 - Day Ten

Isn't it wonderful that beauty can be found in your own backyard? I went for a wander in my garden and found the most amazing insects. I have no idea what this insect is but it has such bright, vivid coloring.

I find insect photography quite difficult -- especially this shot. Everything moves. The wind blows the leaves and the insects are constantly scurrying about. It was almost impossible for me to get a fixed focus. But I perceived and I finally got a half decent shot.

Image taken 04 December 2010

I wish I could have gotten a clearer shot but the rest of my images were only blurs of green. But I suppose that's what the 365 project is all about - learning how to take better photos! Hopefully by the end of 365 days I'll be able to take amazing insect shots.

Have a fantastic rest of the weekend...

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