December 13, 2010

Project 365 - Day Nineteen

Okay major confession time... I used to have a bit of a shoe addiction. Such is the nature of my addiction I used to buy shoes that weren't exactly my size (with the idea my feet might suddenly shrink). Why I even have shoes taking up room in my closet that I have never even worn!

Now you may be asking yourself why this is such a problem especially as it's quite a common problem. The thing of it is due to my particular me-ness I can only really wear one make of shoe with any degree success. And most of my shoe collection are defiantly not this make.

So I've decided that instead of my beautiful shoes just sitting in my closet taking up space and gathering dust I'll put them to use. Why not photograph them? Not one after the other of course but spaced out over the year might make project 365 more interesting. So here's a shot of some shoes that I've never worn and are actually a size and a half too small for me:

Image taken 13 December 2010

I adore this quote!! J.R.R Tolkin sure knew how to turn a beautiful phrase. Sometimes I feel like I'm on a little wander off the beaten path - making my own way in life - and it's nice to be reminded that it doesn't mean I'm lost I'm just on a different path.

I must confess I like the imagery of 'not all those who wander are lost' being written on a pair of shoes It's kind of like it gives it context and meaning. Plus I think the purple shoes on the green grass really makes the image pop. I'm not the happiest with is the handwriting on the shoes. But I'm stuck with my awful penmanship. Ah well, things could be worse.

Who knows what tomorrow may bring... Until then stay safe blogger buddies!

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  1. I love this photo! The colour of the shoes stands out REALLY well.. and the quote is nice. So what size are the shoes? If you don't want them Miss J loves those shoes ;)