December 27, 2010

Project 365 - Day Thirty-Three

I think today's picture can otherwise be called 'the cutest fluffy thing in the world'. Today I visited a very good friend of mine (you know they type of friend you can just be comfortable with?). But I digress. My friend owns the cutest dog that has such a charming personality. Everyone I'd like you to meet the ever so cute Charlie:

Image taken 27 December 2010

He is the most charming dog!! Plus he is a dog built for photography. He sat so completely still whenever I set up the shot. In short Charlie is a champion! Every time I come home after a visit I always desperately want a dog. But that isn't practical for someone who loves to travel. I guess I'll just have to dog sit whenever my friend goes out of town.

After my random depression of this morning it was wonderful to spend time with a friend who simply 'gets' you. Life is looking good again people!

May your day be amazing whatever you're going through and wherever you may be. Take care my dear friends.

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