February 1, 2011

Project 365 - Day Sixty-Five

Sixty-five days down only three hundred to go. It's going so quick! I'm still really enjoying the project. True I sometimes struggle to come up with an interesting subject matter but I am enjoying the challenge.

I headed to my garden again to ferret some interesting thing to capture. Now I know I have taken a picture of a grasshopper again but this one was just so cute. Sitting there so still on a half eaten leaf I just knew it wanted it's picture taken.

Image taken 28 January 2011

When I compare this grasshopper shot with the one taken near the beginning of project 365 I can see that I'm slowly getting better. My focus is sharper and I'm getting better at using depth of field. I love it that I can chart my progression in this art as well as have a record of a year in my life. In short I am loving project 365!!

Until my next post my dear blogger buddies I hope you manage to find the beauty in ever single day!

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