February 13, 2011

Project 365 - Day Eighty

I've talked before about my deep love for all things musical but my complete inability to in act it. My guitar still remains unused in the corner of my room. At least it's a cool decoration.

Anyway I was relaxing in my room racking my brain for ideas for day eighty when something shimmed in the corner of my eye. The tuning posts (who knows if that's the right word?) were catching the light in the most beautiful way.

Image taken 12 February 2011

I think focusing on the small things in life has really allowed me to appreciate the beauty that surrounds me no matter where I am. My macro lens is certainly getting a work out! I think the surrounding black really makes the tuning post stand out all the more.

More blog updates coming soon. In the meantime I hope your weekend has been wonderful!

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