February 9, 2011

Quote of the Week

This week's quote is a bit of a mystery to me. You see there's an accredited source but I'm just not sure if the person really said it. Plus I found this quote on tumblr which, let's face it, isn't the most reliable source of information.

But whoever wrote it it presents an interesting idea... and does it really matter who said it?

Image found here.

As you can see this quote is accredited to the ever so lovely Zooey Deschanel (who I have a huge girl-crush on. She's just so quirky, beautiful and genuine). It's claimed she wrote this letter to VOUGE when she was seventeen. I'm not sure of the validity of this claim.

But whoever wrote this I choose to celebrate it. I don't think women (or men for that matter) should have to 'shove' themselves into what is considered beautiful. Differences should be celebrated not shunned. This note made me stop and think for a while. You may not agree with what was written or you may be cheering. But it does make you consider a different point of view.

Isn't that the beauty of life? The ability to debate and consider other ideas? To ask questions and earnestly seek out answers? (Wow! I got a little off track there hey?)

What do you think of this note?

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