February 4, 2011

Project 365 - Day Seventy

So you've heard me talk about it before and I have been holding on to my review until I got the perfect picture.

And I've finally done it. I got a picture that does it justice. Here's my picture of one of my favorite things. It's time for you to meet my Kindle.

Image taken 02 February 2011

First I've got to tell you that the screen isn't actually that blue... I think I went a little overboard on the contrast. I LOVE this device! It seems I either have my camera or my Kindle in my hands these days.

For anyone who doesn't know a Kindle is an electronic reading device... and it is amazing!

I've talked about the idea of getting a Kindle in a previous post and after weighing up the pros and cons and getting to see one first-hand I decided to go for it. I am ever so glad I did. It is a pleasure to use and makes my reading life much more comfortable. No more tossing and turning trying to get into a comfortable position with a heavy book. No more sore wrists from holding weighty books in odd positions. Books download in a snap! If you're a 'series finisher' like me it's wonderful to not wait for the next book (providing it's been written). The clarity is amazing - in fact after a while you forget that it's an ereader and start thinking it's a normal book. Plus I get the latest 'New York Times' delivered to me wirelessly every day. How awesome is that? It doesn't cause any eye strain - it's just like reading from a 'real' book. Another great feature is that all the classics (anything that is over 100 years old and out of copyright) are free! That's right I got my beloved 'Pride and Prejudice' downloaded in a second all for free. This beautiful little device can store up to 3500 books making it the perfect travel companion. The books you do have to pay for are very reasonably priced ranging from around $0.01 to $12.00 (some priced high, some lower). I have purchased most of my books for an average of $2.50.

I could go on and on and on (just ask some of my friends!). But to sum it all up I think the Kindle is the perfect reading companion. A must for anyone who loves reading!

Until next time stay safe my dear friends...

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  1. Oh great photo! I saw the borders $200 copy of the kindle reader and it was sooooooo substandard!!! The screen had all this ghosting when you changed the page and then it died altogether! The kindle rules!!!