February 4, 2011

Project 365 - Day Seventy-One

To be otherwise called : 'The Folly of Listening to Talk Show Hosts'. I've spoken before about my former shoe addiction and the absolute stupidity of having said addiction. All but one type of shoe are detrimental to my feet. But these are the WORST possible shoes I have ever brought.

You see I was watching a daytime talk show and the host said that every woman simply must have a pair of black, high heeled shoes. Feeling as if I wasn't at all womanly because I didn't posses such shoes I quickly went out and brought these monstrosities.

Image taken 03 February 2011

Yep... Those are stilettos with about as much sole surface as a postage stamp. Considering that I fall over easily in flats these were the most stupid shoe selection in the entire world. In fact I have only worn them for a total of two minuets in my bedroom. I attached them to my feet, attempted to stand, and promptly sprained my ankle. Thus ended my love affair with the stiletto. Now I simply admire them from afar.

Until next we meet on this interverse (see what I did there? Yay for a new world. May internet and universe ever be mixed) I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Why oh why Tafline did you listen to the talk show host??