February 22, 2011

Project 365 - Day Eighty-Eight

I am exhausted! A change of schedule always takes a while to get used to. So after months off doing whatever I want I am suddenly back at uni. It will just take a little to get used to it again. But as a result my blog postings have (and most probably will for a little while) suffered.

Anyway on day eighty-eight I recycled a subject matter. I have taken a photo of my quill before way back on day fifteen. But to be honest the photo back then wasn't that great - that was before I understood how to control depth of field. I think day eighty-eight is a much better photo. What do you think?

Image taken 20 February 2011

I actually like the idea of redoing some of the subject matter from the beginning. It's interesting to see how much I may have improved and how my 'eye' may have changed. For example I think this photo has far better definition and positioning that day fifteen.

Until next I post I hope this new week is treating you well.

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