February 24, 2011

Project 365 - Day Ninety-One

I love seeing how other people decorate their houses. Don't you? It is always interesting to see different ideas and sometimes see a person's personality show through. It's a great source of inspiration. A friend of mine has this display set up in her house that I think it so fantastic.

Image taken 23 February 2011

It's it great? I love the use of candlelight. I'd like to set up something kind of similar to this is my home except I'd love to use old printing-press letter blocks. It would be kind of wonderful to have random words scattered all around the house.

Speaking of creative 'spaces'. A dear friend of mine gave me a book called 'Spaces: Where Creative People Live, Work and Place'. It is the most amazing book. It is so well written and has some gorgeous photographs. This book looks at homes and work places of people from a variety of creative professions (photographer, painter, architect, writer etc). It is so inspirational! If you can get yourself a copy. It is well worth it!

There won't be any more posts for a few days as I'm going camping. Feeling quite nervous/excited about it. But if nothing else it will give me something different to photography. So until my next post I hope you're weekend will be wonderful!

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