February 19, 2011

Project 365 - Day Eighty-Four

On day eighty-four I went on an excursion into Brisbane's Southbank to go see 'Wicked' the musical again. But this presented a perfect opportunity to meet up with some of my family members and explore the area a bit.

There are so many interesting things in Southbank - sculptures, a movie complex, theater, art galleries, and weekend open-air markets. As well as a multitude of fabulous eating places, beautiful paths and lovely river walks. But on this day what took my eye was the fantastic sculpture suspended in the sky.

Image taken 16 February 2011

I wonder how many people don't notice the sculpture at all? It's fairly high. The first time I saw it I wondered if it was a real person - you know like those busking 'living statues'. I think it's pretty life like.

What has captured your interest recently?

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