February 8, 2011

Project 365 - Day Seventy-Six

Today's picture is the realization of a concept I've had for quite a while. But because I kept on forgetting it took me a while to get all the components together.

I have talked about my contacts lenses before. As you can tell I adore my contacts. They are so darn useful and it's fun to have a change for time to time. Anyway to get this shot I had to collect my used contacts for a couple of days. Then I got the have some more food coloring fun.

Image taken 08 February 2011

I think it looks pretty cool. It turned out like I was hoping. I would have like to have spaced the contacts out more evenly but they are so sticky and hard to control so this is the best I could do. The bright white really makes the color pop. They are such cute, little cups of color. It's great to be able to reuse the one-time wear contacts. I always find it such a rush when an idea I've had becomes a reality.

Until next time I hope you're life is filled with wonder.

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