February 11, 2011

Project 365 - Day Seventy-Eight

Due to a change of plans my original photo idea didn't work out (that's completely okay... just saving it for later). So I found myself a little stuck for idea and suffering from a complete lack of inspiration.

As a result day seventy-eight's shot is of a simple display I've recently set up in my home. You see I've recently been bitten by the decorating bug and I'm itching to redo the whole house. This however isn't that practical so I've taken to doing minor things to give the house a bit more of a creative vibe.

Image taken 10 February 2011

You can see my little Instax has been getting a bit of a work out! The glasses are the ones for watching 3D movies (what's with everything being in 3D at the moment?) I always forget to put them in the recycling bin.

So all in all not the best shot in the world. But at least it gives you a little taste of the happenings at my place... To be honest the rest of my home is filled with books (life before my beloved Kindle), a multitude of art supplies, and endless amounts of technology.

I'm in for a bit of a change of scenery today so hopefully that will get the creative juices flowing. So until next we meet on the wonderful web I hope that your week has been great and that your weekend's looking wonderful!

1 comment:

  1. Great composition with the soft lavender behind the glasses contrasting with the wall, the pick-up of pink in the bottle and the pic; the contrast of shape & texture of bottle, glasses and flowers. Well done!