February 9, 2011

My Camera Family...

I've introduced you to my camera family... including the latest member of the family - my precious little Instax. But someone's missing.

There's a gap in my camera family that needs to be filled. For I am yet to own a 35mm film camera. More accurately the Holga 135BC TLR. I saw this little beauty and I just knew this was the missing member of my camera family. Here's a picture:

Image found here.

Isn't it beautiful? I just know it would be the perfect addition to my little (or not so little) camera family. The great part is that it takes plain old 35mm film - none of this weird size frames for it. Plus it's reasonably inexpensive. I'd love to have a dabble in Lomography. Here's a pretty good review of it.

This little Holga is on the 'camera gear to buy list'. My obsession is such that I've set up a savings account specifically for my photography costs.

Also on the 'camera gear to buy list' that I have been drooling over ever since it was released is the Nikon d7000 body. I am convinced I'm in love... and that I desperately need this body in my life. Take a look at this beauty.

I could go into all its amazing feature and specs. I could even go on and on about all the things I love about it and explain the reasons why I need it. Instead I'll just let you read this most awesome review. And after you've read that take a look at this video to see this gorgeous camera in action:

I think I want the D7000 more than the Holga. They're duking it out in my mind as we speak. Maybe I could have both? Better start saving in earnest now... 2 minute noodles anyone?

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