February 8, 2011

Fave Photo of the Week!

I have had a lot of interesting experiences in my life. But one experience I've yet to experience is I have never, ever seen snow (in real life I mean - I have obviously seen pictures!). I desperately want to see it. Especially given the heat and humidity that enshrouds my area most of the time. So in honor of this desperate desire to see snow my picture of the week is of this lovely, white, fluffy stuff.

Image originally found here.

It just looks so bright and clean. Just like the world is frosted for a while. Now I know that those of you who live with snow (for at least part of the year) probably find it annoying and frustrating with the shoveling and the like. But to someone who has never played in and experienced snow it just looks glorious! Simply beautiful.

Have you ever seen snow?

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