February 6, 2011

Project 365 - Day Seventy-Three

Day seventy-three was a pretty flat photo day. I was super tired (I didn't get any sleep the night before) and it was super hot outside. So it was a bit of an uninspired day. But I went down to a local park to see if I could come up with something.

While I was there I snapped a picture that I thought was kind of great at the time. But when I got said picture on the computer screen at home I discovered it wasn't as good as I thought. Such is life I guess.

Image taken 05 February 2011

In my minds eye it was meant to be a relaxing picture with soothing water surrounded by vivid green. So it didn't turn like how I wanted. I suppose I just find it a little disappointing . But it's time to move on and figure out what I can learn from this photo. Number one: don't go aimlessly photographing when your eyeballs are almost falling out due to tiredness. Number two: to make the photo more interesting maybe I should have put an external prop into the mix - like a instax photo or something. Time to put it down to a learning experience and move on.

What's your weekend been like?

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