February 22, 2011

Project 365 - Day Ninety

Day ninety!!! Can you believe it? It's all going so fast! Today was amazing. Are you like me? Are you blessed to have amazing friends? Friends that can lift you up no matter where you are. Friends that are okay with you letting it all out and grant you the permission to just relax and just be you.

I have a friend (well I actually have a few amazing friends but let's focus for a minute) that just 'gets' me. It's the kind of friendship that can just pick up where it left off no matter how much time has past between visits. It's relaxing, comforting and invigorating. This amazing friend of mine encourages and uplifts me. She is a woman of many talents and abilities. Creativity and compassion oozes out of her. Mrs E is amazing and I am truly blessed to have her in my life!

Anyway I had the most amazing time spending time with a truly special friend and her beautiful little baby Miss S. Yay for some baby snap-shots (and more practice for me)! This wasn't a photoshoot (that will come later). This was just me trying to capture some priceless moments with some precious people.

Image taken 22 February 2011

I love this little girl (and her wonderful mother)! She's pretty special. I think all babies are pretty special. Miss S is so bubbly and smiley. Like a little burst of sunshine. Want to know something awesome? Miss S and I share a special bond - we're birthday buddies. Yep she was born on my birthday. So I know I'll never forget her birthday.

All in all it was a very good day. Hanging out with some wonderful friends and taking a few picture... Yes it was a very very good day.

What did you do today? Until next time whatever today held for you I hope you managed to find a little bit of wonderful.

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