February 19, 2011

Project 365 - Day Eighty-Seven

It's absolutely no secret that I love a good macro shot. I sometimes feel like it's a whole other world with the macro lens. You get to see things the naked eye would simply miss.

A friend of mine knew I was feeling depressed and when she visited my yesterday she brought me a lovely bunch of flowers. It's wonderful to have friends that care about you no matter where you're at. In this bunch of flowers was a bright pink gerbera and I decided that instead of taking a photo of the whole flower that I would focus just on the flower's center. Doing this allowed me to see and appreciate the intricacy of the flower.

Image taken 19 February 2011

Isn't it amazing? I wish I had of widened the depth of field ever so slightly to give a fuller view but I still think the detail in this flower is extraordinary. It is so very bright!

Take care of yourselves wherever you may be. In the meantime I'll try and remember to not only do macro shots! They're just so fun but I need to try and not be too boring!

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