February 11, 2011

Project 365 - Day Seventy-Seven

I'm a bit of a bower bird when it comes to shiny things. Even to the extent of commenting on a total stranger's jewelery (I promise I'm not a freak). I just really like shiny things. Like most girls I have a modest jewelery collection but because of budget constraints most of it is the cheap stuff that you can only wear once before it starts turning green.

But I do own a couple of slightly more substantial pieces made of real sterling silver and everything. There is one particular one that I never leave the house without.

Image taken 09 February 2011

I love this ring!! It rarely leaves my finger. In fact I tried to get a picture of it actually one my finger but I couldn't stay still long enough (this shot was taken late at night). It has no real sentimental value - it wasn't past from mother to daughter. I simply brought it on eBay because I thought it was beautiful.

One of my favorite things about this ring is the moonstone (Did you know I went a specifically purchased a moonstone ring after reading 'The Moonstone' by Wilkie Collins?). I love it that it changes colour depending on how the light hits it. It reminds me that there is always a different perspective to any situation. This shot really captured the vivid blue that can shine through in the right light (okay so the picture was doctored ever so slightly to highlight the blue. All I did was push up the contrast). I have to wear it whenever I leave the house. If I ever forget it I feel naked without it!

Do you ever have this problem?

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