February 1, 2011

Project 365 - Day Sixty-Six

You may not know this about my but I'm a bit of a movie buff. I have watched so many movies I've lost count. You know you have a problem when the staff at the video store knows you by name. In fact it's a bit of a hassle for everyone around me when they're trying to find a movie I haven't seen. It must be frustrating!

But anyway I went to the cinemas on Saturday -- in fact I went twice. I went to see 'The Kings Speech' with a most wonderful friend (a fantastic movie and spending time with my friend was even better). Then on the way home I was so bitten by the movie bug that I stopped in at the local cinema to watch 'Black Swan' (stunning, disturbing, petrifying, fascinating, and wonderful in an odd sort of way).

Anyway as I was sitting in my assigned seat before the lights went down I noticed the 'lines' of the cinema.

Image taken 29 January 2011

I'm not entirely happy with this shot. I should have focused on the closest cup holder instead of the closet seat. But it was extremely dark in the cinema (thank you slow shutter speed) and the other patrons in the cinema wouldn't have appreciated me using external lighting to get the perfect shot. (As it was I heard a few people wondering what I was doing.) Plus the lights went down and the movie started the minute I pressed the shutter down - talk about bad timing. Even though it wasn't exactly the shot I was going for I still think it looks okay.

Are you a movie buff? What have you watched recently?

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