February 13, 2011

Project 365 - Day Eighty-One

So far over the course of project 365 I have discovered that the photos that I pre-plan and pre-visualize turn out a lot better. Day eighty-one was one of those days. I knew the look that I was going for. I knew where I wanted to set up the shoot and I knew what I wanted to shoot. I knew the kind of colour scheme that I was trying to get. I even knew what time of day would be the best time to get what I wanted and the depth of field I was going for.

It turned out exactly how I wanted. I find it such a rush when something I've been visualizing in my head finally comes off. The picture turned out exactly as I planned.

Image taken 13 February 2011

Finally!! Some shoes I actually wear... on very rare occasions. They hurt and rub in all the wrong places. So I only ever where these when I don't have to do any walking. But I thought it was about time for me to have a shoe shot with my legs attached! I think the black stockings really make the red shoes stand out.

Until tomorrow I hope your week's looking wonderful.

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