January 31, 2011

Fave Photo of the Week!

I know I've been skipping my traditional Friday music post but to be honest I haven't been listening to music that much. I've been far to obsessed with reading many, many books on my beautiful Kindle. So I'm thinking of maybe doing a weekly book post instead. We'll see I'm still trying to decide.

But anyway my favorite photo of this week was found on deviantART and I adore it!

Image found here.

This just seems so free. I remember when I was little (heck even not so little - like last week) when my favorite clothes were the one's that could twirl. That's all I really look for in a nice dress -- the ability to twirl. It is just so fun and so very free. So go on have a twirl today (guys can twirl too... It just isn't as dramatic!)

I'm running far behind on my project 365 posts so prepare yourself for a influx of posts. So until you next hear from me take care friends.

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