January 18, 2011

Project 365 - Day Fifty-Four

I went to visit my grandparents on day fifty-four. Of course my camera came with me. It was a lovely afternoon spent catching up, wandering around the garden, and enjoying the lovely company. One thing I know is that I'm blessed to have my grandparents in my life.

While I fired off a few lovely shots in the garden and around the place my favorite shot of the day is a picture of my grandma's hands.

Image taken 17 January 2011

I love these hands! These hands help a community in Papua New Guinea. These hands have cooked, baked and sewn for innumerable people. These hands have brought up 5 children and taken care of grandchildren at times. These hands have comforted and encouraged. These hands have seen so much life... and I think they are beautiful!

Until tomorrow I hope you manage to find your own little bit of wonderful.

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  1. Lovely words to go with a lovely photo. Well done!