January 8, 2011

Project 365 - Day Forty-Five

A fair few blogs I read have lately been sharing their 'words' for the year. A word that will uphold, remind, and encourage you. I have finally decided on my word.

GRACE is my word for the year.

Image taken 08 January 2011

This photo isn't what I was envisioning in my planning. Unfortunately I couldn't get my hands on the required props in time. I'm thinking 'grace' will be a great subject from time to time in project 365. The photo obviously has had a bit of post processing but I found the words 'no through road' distracting to my purpose.

As I said GRACE is my word for the year. I want to live a life of grace.
~ To have the grace to understand that even though my family dynamic is/has changed it doesn't mean I no longer have a place
~ To live under the grace that I have been afforded and to never take it for granted
~ To demonstrate grace in life's many situations especially when I'm not feeling like it
~ To have the grace to accept the things I cannot change (totally ripping off another author there!)
~ To accept the grace to simply be myself and enjoy life's journey
~ To extent grace to everyone I meet regardless of attitude, situation, belief, and life experience
~ To let grace permeate my every thought and action

So that's my word for the year. This year I claim grace. I want to have grace in every aspect of my life. Life is always better with a little more grace. And I intent for this year to be a year of grace. I have a feeling that 2011 is going to be amazing!

I'd love to hear from you! So tell me: What's your word?

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  1. Just a thought - can you get hold of a step ladder so you can get a picture of the grace sign without the other interference?

    My word = healing (body, mind and spirit)