January 7, 2011

Music That Moves Me

I have decided I'll limit myself to one video for these posts... Mainly because it takes so long to upload. And I think I prefer to just focus on a favorite song.

Anyway this week's pick is a band I have just been introduced to and let me tell you it was love at first listen (?)

Bowerbirds are a fantastic folk/acoustic band who hail from the USA. If you wish to learn more about them you can always turn to Google. I hear Wikipedia is a reliable source of information. But really, sometimes I just like the music. Sometimes it's not necessary to have any information other than they're a really good band and where to buy their music.

My favorite Bowerbirds song is 'Northern Lights'. Have a listen to them playing it live:

A simply fantastic tune in my opinion. It's been a constant feature in all my recent playlists. It resonates. It calms. It soothes. It captures my attention for a few precious moments and holds me spellbound. Swing by their MySpace or their blog if you're interested.

Until next we meet in this great, expansive Internet I hope your world is wonderful!

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