January 3, 2011

I Want A Epiphanie!

A fellow blogger mentioned these beautiful bags in a recent post. (Check out her blog) Ever since I have fallen in love with these wonderful, stylish camera bags. One in particular has caught my eye. The ever so lovely Paris bag (of course I have to like the most expensive one!). I like it in purple.

This bag can hold a laptop, a camera with lens attached, two extra lenses and a multitude of odds and ends. It also has a removable cross-body strap with padding with extra support (it is AMAZING how heavy my camera kit gets after a while).

Plus it is just so pretty! I mean no one would ever know you're hauling around hundreds of dollars worth of kit just by looking at it. I could take it to a wedding or out to a nice dinner without looking frumpy.

In short I really want a Paris Epiphanie! But I am faced with a few questions. One: Can I really afford it? I'm crunching figures like crazy to see if I can squeeze it into my budget. Two: Is this where I want my 'camera money' to go next? You see there's always a lens I want to get, or an accessory that I think I might need, and don't even get me started on my burning desire to explore instant photography and film medium. My point is there is always something I want to add to my kit on the horizon. I suppose the question is: Where does this bag rank? I'm just trying to figure out the answer.

It is such a beautiful bag... I'll let you know if I ever make a decision!

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