January 2, 2011

Music That Moves Me

Last week's music that moves me is the Norwegian band called Monzano. There is something just beautiful about their sound. It's like the soundtrack to a beautiful daydream. This is one of those bands that I'm not sure why I like them... All I know is that I do. So there's not much to say. I'll just let you listen and make their own minds up about them.

Here's their song called 'Poster Boy':

Next why not take a look at Monzano's song called 'Cold Waters':

This next song is my favorite Monzano song. It is quite simply amazing. Unfortunately the only video I could find of it isn't the best quality but you can still get the idea. Take a look at their song called 'Know Your Velocity':

So what did you think of them? If you like what you hear make sure you take a look at their myspace page.

On another note one of my New Year's resolutions (which I have just decided to make) is to try and get my regular posts in on time. We'll see if it's doable!

Until next time take care of yourselves my dear friends.

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