January 25, 2011

Project 365 - Day Sixty

Day sixty of the project saw me set off on another fantastic photography adventure with a friend. A different friend this time. She had recently purchased a DSLR and I helpfully told her all that I knew. Which wasn't all that much to be honest.

We decided to head for the hills and had a blast. I think it's wonderful that I can surround myself with the country atmosphere mere minuets from my home. This was the view that greeted us on our first stop.

Image taken 23 January 2011

And because I didn't go on a photographic adventure to get one single shot I'll share a couple of my other favorite shots of the day.

Now I know that this looks like a repeat of one of my shots posted here. But it's a little different. Something in me is just drawn to lines I guess. It was hilarious trying to get this shot - with me fiddling with the settings at the side of the road and my friend looking out for cars as I darted out into the middle of the road and tried to capture what I wanted before becoming road kill.

My friend has lovely red hair and when the sunlight hit is just so I knew I needed to capture it. Cue the bubbles!!

It was a simply fantastic day and I think it's wonderful to have friends that share your passion. I look forward to many more photo adventures with my beautiful friend.

Until next time may your life be filled with wonder, beauty and fun!

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