July 18, 2011

Project 365 - Day Two Hundred And Twenty-Nine

I woke up early on the second day of the road trip because there was something I was desperate to take a photo of. After getting dressed quickly I walked outside and saw a most beautiful sight. Frost. Beautiful little ice crystal clinging on to the individual blades of grass. It was magnificent! So I did what any sane (or insane) person would do and lay down on the cold paving to try and capture the beauty that I saw.

Image taken 11 July 2011

It's wondrous to look at the above picture at 100% (I think I may have disabled that feature! Sorry!). You can actually see the individual ice crystals. It looks like the blades of grass are crusted with salt or sugar. It's kind of spectacular!

After catching up with a few more people in town mum and I hit the road... Destination mum's hometown.
The open road stretched for miles with rarely another car in sight. There's something beautiful about a straight unoccupied road. Sometimes I wonder where it could take me if I simply let myself get lost...

When we made it to mum's hometown we took a tour around the town with a historical (well family history anyway) commentary along the way. It was great to get a visual reference for some of mum's childhood stories. Like this old Queenslander my grandma used to visit sometimes on her bus run.

Some places we visited have a bit more recent significance. Take the photo below for instance in the January floods the water was wildly running over the weir road. We walked were the water had no too long ago been flowing. It was amazing to see the devastation - uprooted trees, whole areas flattened by the awesome power of the rushing water. It's difficult to imagine in some ways.

There's more hometown fun to come.

~ Thanks so much for reading! Come back soon!! Tafline

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