July 6, 2011

Project 365 - Day Two Hundred And Twenty-Two

Oh me oh my another double up! Two flower pictures in a row. Oh well at least it isn't exactly the same shot. I went for a wander in my local area and saw this perfect little flower that was simply begging to get its picture taken.

Image taken 04 July 2011

I love the random pink strip down the middle of some of the petals. Simply extraordinary! I found it a little difficult to get a clean, super-sharp focus because it was such a bright, white. It was kind of hard to get any sort of definition. I love the look of the petals slowly unfolding. Flowers just have the ability to make me smile. It's the simple things in life I suppose. Do flowers make you smile?

~ Thanks so much for reading. Come back soon. Tafline

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