July 20, 2011

Project 365 - Day Two Hundred And Thirty-Three

The road trip ended on a high. Or rather a high low. Or rather a different high than I was expecting. See the plan had always been for mum and I to attend the Outback Spectacular (more on that later) on the last night of our road trip. End it with a bang so to speak. Unfortunately mum had taken ill while we were away and wasn't feeling so spectacular herself (sorry, I saw a pun and I had to take it). As a result it didn't seem like the best idea for her to go and have a bad time. It was disappointing (for the both of us) that she couldn't go but we managed to find me a buddy for the evening. Luckily my SIL (sister-in-law for those of you playing at home) stepped in and went in mum's stead.

Now if you've never heard of The Outback Spectacular click that little link and it will tell you all about it (after you've finished reading this post of course!). It's an amazing experience! You watch amazing feats of horsemanship and thrilling story lines to accompany them. All while feasting on an wonderful three course meal. It is defiantly worth the price of admission (and the half tank of fuel it takes to get there). You even get given a hat upon entry that you get to keep. Score!

Image taken 15 July 2011

Unfortunately you aren't allowed to take photos in the arena itself. But let me tell you my trigger finger was itching! I suppose you'll just have to go and experience it yourself, won't you? Thanks to my SIL for coming with me. Mum, I'm sorry you missed out. It would have been a blast to go with you. But thank you so much for yet another amazing adventure. I can't wait for the next one!

~ Thanks so much for reading! Come back soon. Tafline

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