July 19, 2011

Project 365 - Day Two Hundred And Thirty-One

The next day we left mum's hometown and made way to my Uncle and Auntie's property with frequent stops along the way. One of our first stops was at a famous pub in the area which was used is a fairly well known (in Australia anyway) film - starring Hugh Jackman (see if you can guess which one!). The pub was rustic and beautiful but I was more taken by the nearby bridge. I lay down on the bridge and started snapping desperate to capture the beauty I saw.

Image taken 13 July 2011

Details, details, details!! Details make my heart sing. It seems I wasn't the only one enthralled by the bridge. I spied a artist sitting on the river bank sketching its likeness.

The black and white effect I applied to the photo sort of mutes the smoke rising from the fire. I think what would have made the image perfect is if he had have been a fisherman. Talk about the quintessential shot!

We set off again only to stop just a short way up the road. I saw these beautiful, vibrant flowers growing wildly beside the road. They were everywhere! It seemed rude to not take their picture.

There were bees busily buzzing (try saying that 5 times fast!) around these wonderful flowers collecting the pollen. I tried with all my might to capture one of the darling little creatures but I didn't have my tripod out. Plus it was a super quick stop so I'll have to try and capture that kind of shot another time.

When we got to my Uncle and Auntie's place they took me for a photographic tour of of their property. It was amazing!! So amazing in fact with so so many beautiful photo opportunities that I think it deserves it's own special post (to come a bit later). But here's a little taste:

I love a crackling fire on a cold night. This much is obvious looking at my hard drive (I snapped over two hundred photos of the fire alone!). Next we hit the road heading for where my parents first met!

~ Thanks so much for reading!! Come back soon! Tafline

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