July 30, 2011

Project 365 - Day Two Hundred And Forty-Seven

Okay so I've noticed that a lot of my recent photos have been food focused. While this wasn't intentional I think it shows that I'm a bit of a foodie. Photograph what you like, right? Plus whenever I'm looking through my recipe books I love looking at the picture. Aesthetically pleasing food simply tastes better in my opinion.

Image taken 29 July 2011

This meringue was a bit of a personal triumph. Whenever I've tried to make them in the past they never turned out right - all brown and weirdly bubbly (admittedly I didn't care that much. They were after all still highly sugary). But I finally discovered what I had been doing wrong for so long. I was adding far too much sugar (seriously it was excessive in the extreme) and I was cooking them at too high a heat. Problem solved! Now I can safely add meringue into my cooking skills.

There is just one thing I don't like about this photo. I wish the plate was a different color. It would have made the white meringue stand out so much more. Unfortunately all the plates I own are white and you have to work with what you've got. If I start taking more food shots though I may need to invest in some different colored plates!

~ Thanks so much for reading!! Come back soon! Tafline

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