March 29, 2011

Project 365 - Day One Hundred And Twenty-Five

I went for a wander in my local area determine to enjoy the wonderful weather and appreciate the world around me. It was a wonderful way to spend a few hours.

On my wander I passed a wooded area. I was about to keep on walking but I stopped for a few moments and noticed a plethora of wildlife living in amongst the foliage. This little ladybug captured my attention.

Image taken 29 March 2011

I crept up really close so I wouldn't have to crop the image. It seemed everytime I got into position it would fly away but I finally managed to capture it on 'film' (well, you know what I mean). This image isn't as sharp as I would have liked but I didn't have my tripod so I had to shoot hand-held (something I rarely do with my macro lens). Still I think it turned out well. This little ladybug happily posed for this picture before flying away off on another adventure...

And I felt ever so grateful to be alive and to have witnessed such a sight.

Until my next post I hope you manage to find a little bit of wonderful in every day.

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