March 19, 2011

Project 365 - Day One Hundred And Fifteen

The weather today is exactly the kind of weather I like. Cloudy, rainy - the perfect kind of day to get cozy and read a good book. It seemed like the perfect time to take photos of rain drops. There were these delightful drops hanging on for dear life to my lemon tree.

I wanted to get the shot before the drops fell off the branch.

Image taken 19 March 2011

I find it a little tricky taking photos in the rain - you really need an extra set of hands between changing the position of the tripod ball-head, focusing (then re-focusing because the wind moved it), fiddling with the settings, taking the shot all while trying to wrangle an unwieldy umbrella. But I eventually got the shot. For some reason this photo just makes me feel happy and oh so refreshed.

Until next time stay safe and enjoy your weekend!

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